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Comfy sale (for Carl)
« on: 13:35 23-Jun-2012 »
I'm on an in and out mission, so I can't be bothered looking up the thread, but a while back, Carl was asking about a TV that he could stream on. I am combining that with a notification to everyone of a great sale.

Until the 24th (at least in Kherson), Comfy is having a sale where you buy one item and get the second one 50% off.

I had popped into Comfy to buy rechargeable batteries, when (naturally) the missus found something else she wanted to buy. The salesclerk told us of the "buy one, get the second 60% off" promotion (it was 60% last Sunday, 50% until tomorrow).

My, how we laughed.

So, to toy with him, I asked about the catch (that there always is-buying some special card, having limited choices as to what qualifies for the discount, etc).

No catch, he says.

So if I buy two TVs for 10,000 UAH each, the second one is 4,000 UAH?, I asked him knowingly.

Let me check on the computer...

Here we go, this is the point where..

Yes, he says.

I return later that evening and buy a TV, a dishwasher, a deep freezer, an Xbox kinnect, and two Samsing Galaxy S2s. Yes, I had to go through the checkout three times (so they paired the equally-priced items instead of giving me the discount on the three cheaper items), but it worked.

The bill was 38,000 UAH, and I paid 26,000 UAH.

Carl, I bought a Samsung Smart TV with AllShare and a Samsung wifi connector (fourth trip through the checkout). Now I can surf the internet and even watch films through my computer or phone on my TV wireless and the resolution is limited only by my device.

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Re: Comfy sale (for Carl)
« Reply #1 on: 14:46 23-Jun-2012 »
Cheers, Tim. Thanks for letting me know how you got on. I already have what I need, courtesy Dell. I am able to obtain a "special" discount on some products that have been sent RTB under warranty and repaired. The original owner had been provided with a replacement because of the bottleneck in the repair queue. In this case, it is a 2011 built box.

I have experimented here in UK and the films are really superb quality, especially so when using the HDMI connector.

Thank God, I took your advice when sourcing the two TVs in Ukraine although in our case they were both LD models. Still excellent choices, great pictures and really fast responses when changing channels, input source and so on. Add to that, both recognise instantly an SD card.

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Re: Comfy sale (for Carl)
« Reply #2 on: 07:46 24-Jun-2012 »
ohhhhh shopping today!! :D
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