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Election Observers - Ukraine
« on: 16:26 09-Jul-2012 »
Every now and again, well quite often actually due to being on their data base from fun days gone by, I get emails from Eris which is an organisation that is regularly asked to supply election observers around the globe. 

Today, I got yet another, this time asking for British citizens to act as election observers for the Ukrainian parliamentary elections.  To save time (and my effort) I have simply copy/pasted the email content should there be anyone interested in applying to observe the elections here for OSCE via Eris (should the FCO give them the nod as the email states).

Hi Nicholas

OSCE EOM to Ukraine (LTO)
 ERIS has been invited to bid to recruit and manage UK observers for the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission to Ukraine for the Parliamentary Elections scheduled to take place on 28 October 2012.

Tentative deployment dates for LTO - 17 September to 10 November.

We are opening LTO selection today with a deadline of 10am, Wednesday 1 August, prior to receiving confirmation from the FCO on whether or not ERIS will implement the mission, (a decision is expected by 20 July.)

We will not open STO selection unless and until we have confirmation that ERIS will be managing this mission so please do not submit any applications for STO but please do indicate on your LTO application if you would also like to be considered for STO.

Should you wish to apply, please refer to our website for instructions: ( Please disregard the request to email us an EOF and instead complete this anonymous survey:

The email address to use for all applications and any questions about this process is The criteria to be used for this mission are available here. A summary of LTO Duties and Responsibilities is available here.

ERIS recruits British citizens only. Please note that we have been asked to ensure that observers with dual nationality apply to only one national focal point for any given mission. Please declare any additional citizenship in your Expression of Interest and confirm that you have only applied through the UK for this mission.

Passports MUST be valid for six months after the date of return.

We do not accept phone applications or applications sent to staff email addresses, nor do we make final decisions about observers before the deadline. Application emails will not be read until after the deadline so if you have a specific question or concern about selection, please email with the subject line: EOM - URGENT RE SELECTION PROCEDURE.

Regards Eris

So, if there are any interested Brits who fancy a bit of election monitoring (and I will tell you now it is not all jolly japes and looking officious with a clipboard) then Eris are quite likely to be looking soon. 

As yet I've had no email from their usual competition, so they may well be keeping their powder dry until the FCO decision around 20th.
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