Author Topic: самоорганізації in the ghetto  (Read 1323 times)

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Re: самоорганізації in the ghetto
« Reply #15 on: 17:53 29-Jan-2013 »
I won't ambush the thread but instead start a new one on metal detecting... a friend of mine who is Ukrainian but lives in US has a fantastic website on the subject,

Okay, is that man a friend of yours or a friend of mines?  Perhaps he is both?  Did he leave Ukraine because he was tired if wading through the mine fields of too much government regulation?  The Ukrainian Finance Ministry is apparently only a shell-casing of its former self and is a powder keg waiting for a debt-tonation.  Will they miss-fire on the debt default, or will it only be a dud?  Either way you can be expected to catch some devaluation flak.  The whole story may found in Gun Powder Magazine which will be blasting onto local newstands for several explosive rounds fired in semi-auto mode each month.  They will piece together the story with brick and mortar rounds and promise not to sand bag you when reporting from the bunker.

Well played.
Peace is the failure of the military to convince the government that it can and should kick its enemies ass.