Author Topic: Limit $3000 on entering Ukraine...  (Read 2293 times)

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Limit $3000 on entering Ukraine...
« on: 17:03 07-Jul-2006 »
I want to take 20,000 Grivna into Ukraine and exchange it for dollars, then leave.  Am i going to have a problem entering or leaving, or is this just a stupid idea? If I declare the Grivna coming in, is it okay, or do they have a special procedure if you bring Grivna INTO Ukraine? I don't want to exchange in the US, it is a horrible exchange rate. There is a $3000 limit when leaving. Or is it $3000 plus the amount you brought in?

Any suggestions?

I don't understand why the Ukrianian government is so afraid to float their currency, it has actually gained significantly in value versus the dollar since the "election" of Yushenko.

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Limit $3000 on entering Ukraine...
« Reply #1 on: 08:47 11-Jul-2006 »
Well, according to the current law you can take not more than 3 000 UAH into the country. You do not need paper declaration for that - just tell to customer officer. You can also bring into the country up to 10 000 UAH but only if you took these money out of Ukraine earlier and have declaration for that.

You need a special license issued by local office of the National Bank for amounts more than 10 000 UAH to take into the country.

So do you still interesting in the amounts of money you can take out of the country?

Actually if you could split your 20 grand between few people you could manage to bring it in.