Author Topic: golf courses in the Ukraine  (Read 7414 times)

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Re: golf courses in the Ukraine
« Reply #15 on: 17:38 23-Jun-2009 »
Maybe I can beat you at the 19th but, realistically speaking, I suppose not. (retired Bankers vs retired Serviceman).

Don't worry Carl. The Paddy in you will stand you in good stead.  :)

Actually, since then, the Paddy in me has won every time .............. hands down! The potential opponent, bless his cotton socks, sticks to endless cuppas of green tea!

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Re: golf courses in the Ukraine
« Reply #16 on: 18:05 23-Jun-2009 »
Eh...if you haven't noticed there is a wacking great advert on the front page of Expatua promoting Golf Stream. ??? ???

I made a recce visit last Saturday and its not bad. They only have a 9 hole course right now, but the other half (other 9 holes) will be open later this year. The BBCU will be taking a group there at th end of July.
An Austrian company owns Golf Stream and most of the staff speak English. They have th efull works already, you can rent just about everything. They have golf carts etc etc. Club house still under construction.
Its only 30 km outside to the west of Kyiv. They have golf clinics and understand how to take care of beginners.

Also not far away is another golf course in the making Royal Kyiv Golf Club, they hope to be finished soon.
(Cash flow may have something to do with it).

Things are looking up.
Have a look on the front page and visit the web site. ;)
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