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Building a house in Ukraine

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Glyn Thomas.:
Just to say I've re-energised my dormant blog and hope to describe the process of building a house here in kyiv. The blog is v old and was started pre-Kyiv awareness. I hope I have enough time to keep it contemporary...


No basement? Just a crawl space?


--- Quote from: clanholmes on 19:59 28-May-2013 ---No basement? Just a crawl space?

--- End quote ---

You don't need much space to grow those "special mushrooms".

VCO and I are actively looking for some land to catch, kinda a insurance policy for when, not if but when, our side of the ditch becomes too over run with tourists and small rental units. If and when we build, I can guarantee you it will have a full basement and be built to my Florida hurricane standard. All utility services will come from the basement. I have learned a LOT from finishing out the empty shell we bought. LOL. Most of the learning curve was done the hard way in regards to workers and 'master workers'.

Glyn Thomas.:
No basement but look carefully and you will see the house is built into a slope... the main entrance is therefore at the upper level (sleeping space - 3 beds and two bathroom and utility) and you will go downstairs to the ground floor open plan living room and kitchen (plus store and bathroom)

All topped off with an accessible flat roof for incubating more greenery.



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