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Glyn Thomas.:
Expat Ukraine has partnered with The American Medical Centers - A regional health services company, which provides ambulatory care and outpatient care facilities. 

American Medical Centers owns and operates ambulatory care and outpatient care facilities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.  Through its American Medical Centers and AMC Community Health Centers facilities, we employ more than 150 medical professionals and associates providing access to all medical specialties, from cardiology to neurosurgery.

American Medical Centers enjoys affiliations with major hospitals and medical learning centers around the world. All American Medical Centers facilities and partner operations are recognized by the world's leading healthcare institutions and are fully licensed hospitals and clinics.

American Medical Centers Kyiv, is the city's premier international medical clinic offering family practice, gynecology, pediatric and over fifteen specialties, lab and imaging, pharmacy and hospitalization. AMC accepts direct billing with most major european and US medical insurance providers and offers its own medical insurance plans. We are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week and provide house or hotel calls, ambulatory and assistance services.

For more information, please visit  the website: www.amcenters.com

or call: 38 044 490 7600

Has anyone used them? I see they'll be in Odessa this summer and I'm hoping they'll bill VA. I need an English speaking Orthopedic doctor to file a claim with VA. I had surgery before I moved here and its not going well.

Glyn Thomas.:
contact them direct - they are very friendly.


Ok, thanks.

This place has ridiculous rates.  A consultation with a basic doctor costs between 95 - 265 USD, which is more than it would cost in Western Europe and zillion times more than at similar places in Kiev.  At Boris Klinik and similar places you can have the same for 450 GRN.


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