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Marriage to a Ukrainian... The legal issues

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Dear Forum members and visitors,
our legal expert - ?Vasil Kisil & Partners? legal company - provided us with the consultancy for non-residents on legal issues on staying in Ukraine upon getting married the Ukrainian. Who's interested in, visit, pls:

Bloody 'ell, wish I'd known all that a year ago, would've saved me hundreds of hours of frustration.

Hello to everybody,
It is my first post here too.
I live in ukraine officially like a temporary resident permit since 12th october 2012, with a work permit like the director of my company.
With my future wife we are waiting a beautifull baby and plannified to be married very soon. And I want to apply for renewing my temporary residence permit under the statut of married and by the fact we are waiting a baby, by consequence I will not be the director of the company, an another person will be and I will cancel my work permit.
What I must do to ask my new temporary residence permit, I need a new visa D or which way I must follow? Could you help me because it is urgent! Thanks all in advance.

Congrats and best luck with the baby!  :)
To be able to deal with your question(s), you have to provide more info:
1) Your nationality
2) Your passport issued by which country
3) The nationality of the mother to be
4) Her passport issued by which country.

Also, I fail to understand why marriage/childbirth means that you can no longer be a director of your company... :-X

Thanks Claus!
 1) I am french
2) French passport
3) She is Ukrainian
4) Ukrainian passport

Why marriage because I love her and we will have soon a baby, the fact that I won't be the director of the company is a personal choice.


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