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Medical Certificate for Foreign Resident Work Permits


Alex Sokol:
New: Medical Certificate for obtaining the Work Permit

According to a Cabinet of Ministry Decree no. 437, signed into legislation on May 27th, 2013 a official medical certificate is now required for the foreign resident work permit application.

As of July 25th, the Ministry has not identified or designated clinics or hospitals to provide the foreign resident work permit medical certificate. However, AMC is accredited and able to provide the full exam and issue an official Medical Certificate necessary the Work Permit. 

The exam includes a physician health check-up, Narcotics and Alcohol abuse screening, and laboratory work including TB and HIV blood tests.

If you would like to receive more information about what is included in the exam or schedule an appointment with American Medical Centers to obtain the official certificate, please call AMC Patient Services Department at +38 (044) 490 7600 or write to patientservices@amc.com.ua

We slightly updated content on the medical certificate for obtaining work permit as regards the list of the banned diseases: http://expatua.com/jobs/work-permit

The official letter-clarification by the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare (though in Ukr), kindly forwarded by Solvid LLC immigration law company, is attached in the section. Who is interested in the formal details - visit the section, pls.


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