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Language Lesson #4 Drinks and Toasts!

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Glyn Thomas.:
NovaMova offer a guide to drinking and toasting...!

Hilarious! What a riot!

We were, however, a tad surprised to find we old pair can be turned into an alcoholic beverage but pleased we are high-quality!!  :D ;) ::)

"Nalyvka" - 15-40% drink similar to liquor by taste and smell. This drink is produced of fresh fruits (classics: cherry, plumps, apricot etc.) on high-quality vodka base.

     I am enjoying these little lessons.   The cost is right   :)

     "No Konia"  -  onto the horse is similar to the Polish toast "into the stirrups" (Strzemiennego!).

I can drink and toast in all languages  ;D

Thank you, Carl, for your comment. *'Plums', for sure. The topic is obviously to make a head going round :-)


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