Author Topic: Cameron seeks to allay Polish benefit concerns  (Read 738 times)

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David Cameron and his Polish counterpart Donald Tusk have sought to smooth relations amid a dispute over benefit payments to EU migrants.

The two leaders had a 40-minute phone call in the wake of a row over Mr Cameron's call for migrants working in the UK to lose their child benefit.
No 10 said the prime minister made it clear it was an issue for all EU states and he was not singling Poland out.
But Poland's foreign minister said recent UK language was "unacceptable".

EU citizens working in the UK are currently able to claim child benefit, even if their children live abroad   :-X

Mr Cameron says this is unsustainable and migrants should not be motivated to come to the UK by higher benefits payments.
On Sunday, he told the BBC that he would try to renegotiate the UK's membership with the EU to allow it to withhold child benefit in these circumstances, mentioning Poles living in the UK as he made the case for change.

Mr Tusk has said he would block any moves by the UK to overhaul EU benefit rules that "stigmatise any particular national minority".
"On EU free movement, the prime minister made clear...that we need to address the impact on countries' benefits systems, including for example paying child benefit to families living abroad," No 10 said.