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Beginners Guide to Land/House/Apartment Purchases

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As requested a "Beginners Guide" to purchasing land, houses and apartments in Ukraine.  It will consist of one post for land, one or two for houses and one for apartments with reference to the house section. 

The first document you will need to accomplish any of this is your tax ID document.  It is issued by the Tax Police in your local Oblast.  This gives you (if a personal ID Number) or your company (if a company ID number) the right to buy and sell anything in Ukraine (less those specifically prohibited to foreign nationals without permanent residency such as agricultural land - it does allow you to lease such land however).


You cannot buy agricultural land as a forgein national.  You also cannot buy gardening allotments as a forgeign national but you can lease both.

When you purchase land from a seller you should recieve a document showing the plot of the land in relation to surrounding plots.  What you are buying is shown as a solid block amongst other land boundries and a scaled up plot of your land individually on the same document showing the exact size to the centimeter of the dimensions of the land.  This is computer generated from the land registry department and given to you by the seller.  Both you and the seller then go to a notary with the document and they confirm all detail is correct.  The notary then signs, stamps and dates this document.

You also get two more documents at this time from the notary.  Both are on official Ukraine paper with hologram seals and unique numbers at the bottom of the document. The first document states all information about your piece of land.  Basically the system is the notary requests all information relating to the land and it's current registered owners - this should hopefully match the name of the seller  ::), if not you have a problem!  This information takes approximately 15 minutes by electonic check with the Land Registry Department in Kyiv.  Assuming the name matches that of the seller (or in the case of deceased owners documents showing proof of death and relationship of next of kin) then the official document is placed in a printer and the Kyiv information thereon and the last paragraph names the seller (and tax ID) agreeing to sell the land to you (as named on your Tax ID) and stating your Tax ID number.  It is then signed on the front, and stamped and signed on the back.  The back of the document also states that date and time (to the minute) the document was produced.  The front page will also state the full address of the plot of land and the very very long registration number of the land plot.

The second document produced there and then is on similar hologrammed paper which states that the seller (name as in passport) sells you (name as in passport) sells you (the full address and full land registry number).  There is then a full disclaimer against any will which maybe in force negating any claims from relatives upon death who were not aware of the sale.  On the reverse side of this document it continues with the disclaimer relating to any court actions etc. etc. by relatives.

The seller then signs that he has sold the land and the buyer that they have bought the land.  The notary then signs and dates and stamps this document also.  This last document is produced signed and dated and stamped twice.  One stays with you the buyer and the other is retained by the notary and forwarded to central land reigstry in Kyiv.

At this point you then pay your money - NOT before (unless you have paid a % deposite before completion).

You then take your 2 hologrammed official documents your initial document as per paragraph one (with the solid coloured land plot) to your local Land Registry Office, with your passport, Tax ID document.  They make copies of all documents.  You pay a fee and you are given another hologrammed official Ukraine document.  This one also has the Ukraine Trysub on it.  This has now only got your name on the document as owner of this plot of land, hologrammed document ID number and summerises the other documents in relation to address, plot size and location.  This is again stamped and signed on the front.  On the rear of the document is has a large drawing of your land plot, a hologrammed seal and is stamped and signed again.

The land registry will NOT retain any of the original documents as they now are proof the land is yours.

This last document mentioned, if you are the seller (not the buyer) is taken from you when you sell the land so that in effect there is only ever one official document saying someone owns that piece of land in circulation.

That is it - you now own a piece of Ukraine.

Buying a House

First of all, you must check the above documents for the land on which the house sits exist and are correct and in the hands of the lawful seller.

You then must be given by the seller a full technical passport.  The electrics do not form part of the passport  - just structural details walls etc.  Even if you buy a bare bones appartment from the likes of Ctikon or Berega for example, they should provide you with an appartment passport even though the appartment is brand spanking new, regardless of any other guarantees they may offer you.  Without one you will never be able to sell it on (or at least you should not be able to sell it on  ).  I would caution anyone against buying either new or second hand appartments without this document as you will never be able to sell it on afterwards unless you get one.  This document also forms part of the ownership documentation, he/she that holds the document stands much more chance of keeping the building (or appartment) in the case of disputed ownership.  It is called a technical passport or tehnicheskiy passport (sorry no cyrillics on my laptop).  It consists of a covering page showing the address, stating the fact that it is the technical passport and the name of the owner.  There is a space undernath for subsequent owners details during the selling process and places for offical stamps regarding the sale and the fact that no changes structural changes have been made to the building during that period of ownership.  It should also show the name of the indivual who made the technical passport and bare the stamp of the council of the region in which the building (or appartment) is in with supporting signatures from the author of the document that all is correct and the building is structurally sound.  The second page is a small outline of the building (or appartment) in the grounds (if applicable) in which it is situated.  Basically it shows the buildings exterior dimensions inside the plot of land.  This to is "stamped" and "signatured".  The next page (or pages) depending on how many levels the premises consist of is a detailed drawing showing all measurements, position and thickness of walls and locations of windows doors etc. etc.  It will include any partitioned (ie. plasterboard or "Gyps") walls which can be knocked down with a lump hammer in 2 minutes    There is a page for each level of the dwelling.  This to is "stamped, signatured and dated" etc. on each page.  The next section of the document is a detailed spreadsheet naming the purpose of each room, the size in metre squared.  This also is stamped but not always signatured or dated to be fair....dunno why.  The last section of the document is stamped and signed and on offical embossed paper saying who carried out the survey, the full address and the owner of the property at the time of the survey, ie company or private individual.  On the reverse of this document is another stamp stating it has been registered with the local council.  The last document relates to the registration number of the house (or appartment) and it's appropriate registration number which is given after the survey and acts as a form of receipt on sale for those who update the computer showing who owns what (to avoid disputed ownership).  This also is stamped and signed on embossed paper.

The system is there for a number of reasons - one to stop unsafe modifications by people who either pretend to know what they are doing (god knows there are many here) and to protect the legitimate buyer as only those with the technical passort (and their details thereon) will should/win in the case of disputed ownership as to have the document your ownership is registered with the local council.

Buying An Apartment

As per the documentation for the house relating to the technical passport only.

Hope all the above gets rid of the "mystique" the agents like to charge between $5000 and $20,000 for  ::)

One further point, for those who want "Building Insurance" without the technical passport you cannot get it.

Please note this is a beginners guide to documents you should have/recieve/part with when buying and selling.  It sounds simple (and it is) but can take upto and over a month on occasion as many sellers do not have all the documents for whatever reason.  If in doubt at any stage a good notary or lawyer will keep you straight. I would not rely under any circumstances on the advice of an agent you find in Aviso  ::)

Nik, Thanks another best seller on this board!!! Very helpful! ;D


--- Quote from: P-N on 18:26 06-May-2008 ---Buying a House
Even if you buy a bare bones appartment from the likes of Ctikon or Berega for example

--- End quote ---

I noticed going rate appears around 7500-8000 uah/M2 for new apartments. Does anyone have info on price/M2 of "barebone"?




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