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5 Major Myths about WW2 and the Soviets

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Great article and translates nicely.

The only issue I have is that feel WW2 really began when China invaded Manchuria in 1931


    Too much to read at work during my breakfast or lunch quick scan of this site.   I will wade through it at home tonight.   

Old Thread but I need some help:

yeah that old Lend Lease Bug-a-boo crap.   I once read an interesting document on the web that had all of the allied delivers and ports of delivery for lend lease to the SU. I have been unable to find this document again. Has ANYONE see something like this? I have found plenty of what the US sent and when but not the entire Allied list with ports in the south (Iran) and north. Any ideas on this????

ALSO, I am looking for British equipment delivered around the time Kyiv was under siege in 1941. does anyone have a line on a complete UK list of materials, weights, counts etc. for the entire war? I can't find them for some reason.

I am looking to confirm foreign equipment issued to CCCP troops at the first defense of Kyiv, what it was (mostly small arms?) and where did they get them. I am guessing at this stage only the UK could have supplied weapons from the allied side on such short notice. This will confirm a telegram I have recently seen in a museum.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Would this be what you require or at least part of it?


Thanks. but this I have!  This is the US list. I am still looking for the official UK list as well as the doc that has the times and ports of delivery.


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