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Ukraine's Nova Poshta launches international freight, mail delivery services

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Ukrainian private postal delivery and logistics company Nova Poshta on Nov. 17 expanded its international subsidiary to provide services to over 200 countries.

In 2014, Nova Poshta created a separate brand in its structure - Nova Poshta International - to ship freight and deliver mail to Moldova and Georgia. Now the international daughter company is also in charge of delivering parcels to the European Union, North America, Asia, Australia, Oceania and other countries.

Transportation takes from three or seven days. Prices depend on the delivery terms and weight of the parcel. The maximum weight can be up to 1,000 kilograms. The maximum size is 2.4 meters length, 1.2 meters width, 1.7 meters height.

For instance, a five-kilo parcel delivered to the EU in three days will cost Hr 1,804 ($75). A ten-kilo package delivered to the United States within seven days will cost Hr 2,590 ($107).

Clients can fill in all the necessary applications online, before bringing parcels to a delivery office or handing them over to a company courier. Moreover, clients can track the delivery of the parcels on the company?s website.

Although the service is now available only in the company?s Kyiv offices, Nova Poshta promises to expand the service to all big cities, including Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Dnipropetrovsk, by March 2016. Other settlements throughout Ukraine will be able to use the international branch by the fall of 2016.

Tymur Kohan, the director of Nova Pochta International, says the company expects to double its international delivery market in three or four years, and plans to increase its share of the market up to 20 percent.

Nova Poshta?s network now has more than 2,500 offices with almost 16,000 employees all over Ukraine.

Nova Poshta International?s partners include the UK's leading parcel delivery brand DPD, U.S. package delivery company UPS, and DB Schenker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics.

"We've built a chain of business partners from international companies, and our own transport and logistics chain, and we plan to open two more hubs in Asia and the United States next year," Kohan said at a press conference on Nov 17.

Earlier, Nova Poshta said that by the end of 2016 it plans to occupy 50 percent of the Ukrainian market of international deliveries.

A friend of mine works for Nova Poshta. He's no fool, so it must be a good company (by UA standards anyway!).

Wow, I just heard of this a few months ago, but I tried Meest first. I was dumb and told the truth about the package contents: cigars. They wouldn't ship them. It cost me $18 for them to ship them from New Jersey to my sister in Texas. I was pissed. She sent them to me in Odessa eight weeks ago. Still not here. Not good for my precious cigars.

Does Nova Pochta ship from the US to Ukraine? A mail forwarding service? Meest pissed me off, I don't really want to use them again.

David Rochlin:
How easy it is to use and how much it costs will decide whether it will be popular.  Meest can be very good for vague gray area descriptions to get stuff through customs.  Cigars might be described as dried herbs.  Commercial medical equipment might be a personal health device.  I always pay them to complete the paperwork and give them this sort of description.  But, I seriously doubt at the U.S. end, UPS is going to play these games.  I mean, UPS was a very difficult way to send a package to Ukraine, many years ago, last time I tried. 


--- Quote from: Drathaar on 15:48 22-Apr-2020 ---Does Nova Pochta ship from the US to Ukraine? A mail forwarding service? Meest pissed me off, I don't really want to use them again.

--- End quote ---

Nova Poshta does ship from US. They even enable you to shop in US stores that do not deliver to Ukraine through their NP Shopping service (https://npshopping.com/). They basically give you an intermediary US adress to which you ship your package from the store and they take care of everything else afetrwards. It's cheap and reliable (had zero problems with them and I used them many times).


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