Author Topic: 5 reasons to visit Mezhyhirya with ;Kyiv Friendly' Tours  (Read 880 times)

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This might make an interesting week-end get-away some. I know that I'll be seeing it. Click the links to see pics from the Life Styles of the Rich and Corrupt"   ::)

5 reasons to visit Mezhyhirya with Kyiv Friendly Tours
March 8, 2016

1. We exclusively PROVIDE FREE Ukrainian Revolution TOUR as a bonus and logical introduction to Mezhyhirya Tour.

2. We are CONCERNED to make your transfer to Mezhyhirya comfortable. Personal pick up from your place, new cars, experienced drivers.

3. We OFFER enjoyable way to explore 140 ha (350 acres) residence territory. We do it by golf car. During the tour we make several stops to explore sights and make photos.

4. We SHARE interesting facts about history of the place where residence was built, Yanukovich's biography, his lifestyle while living in Mezhyhirya.

5. We LOVE our guests and listen to all extra wishes starting from child seat in the car to setting up a picnic for a company.


More info about Tour to Mezhyhirya:!mezhyhirya-residence-tour/c7hs


Booking form:!contact-me/r93ip!5-reasons-to-visit-Mezhyhirya-with-Kyiv-Friendly/fuc2k/56df2b130cf2d09b260524c8

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This piece of  a ridiculous individuals  extravagance is worth seeing. It is one of those things you see that  sucks the emotions from you.For Ukrainians- seeing it and understanding how they have been treated tends to reinforce why the past needs leaving behind.
The day after I was there I was in the Mariyinsky Gardens looking at the severely neglected and starved of funds gardens and palace.The staff were substantially volunteers relying on donations to save the animals and exhibits- and keep the plants alive.
A  fraction of the money wasted on Mezhyhirya  would have restored the Palace and the gardens to their full splendor.

I know nothing of the links-- but they look good!