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Will the Ukrainians to the indexation of pensions and salaries: when and who will get more

Cabinet in th 2016 is planning double-indexed salaries and pensions, but experts believe the incomes of Ukrainians will remain at a low level

This year, the government plans a 12% increase in social standards of Ukrainians . Thus, the cost of living increase, the minimum wage and pensions. At the same time the real income of Ukrainians do not change - increasing inflation will eat. "" figured out who and how much will raise wages and pensions and how it is displayed on the welfare of Ukrainians.

Salaries: who gets the most

January 1 this year in Ukraine, the minimum wage was raised to 1378 hryvnia. In May, the salary raise to 1450 hryvnia, and in December - up to 1550 According to the State Statistics Service, the average wage in Ukraine in January 4362 reached the hryvnia.. In 2015 the average salary was at the level of 4195 hryvnia. By the way, last year, prices rose by 43.3% (inflation index size according to the State Statistics Service), and pensions and salaries have increased by only 13%.

To Ukrainians returned to the level of income in 2014, the year, pensions and salaries should be this year's index by at least 42%, I am sure an economist Alexander Okhrimenko. At the same time, the Cabinet plans to raise social standards this year, only 12%. The increase will amount to 134 hryvnia for pensioners and 172 hryvnia - for those who receive the minimum wage.

As has established the United Nations, the poverty line - the income is less than $ 150 per month per person. At the current rate - nearly 4 thousand hryvnia.. Consequently, more than 90% of the retired and working Ukrainians live below the poverty line.

According to the State Statistics Service, the largest salary in Ukraine receive air transport workers  (18 thousand 470 hryvnia) . In second place in terms of salaries employees of the insurance sphere, they get 8 thousand 603 hryvnia. Completing the top three programmers (IT-sphere), according to the State Statistics Service, the average of their salary - 7000 112 hryvnia. At the same time, the smallest salaries of postmen and couriers - total 2000 180 hryvnia.

According larger in employment platform, the largest salary in Ukraine receive top managers (the average salary of 12 thousand 684 hryvnia), in second place realtors - 11 000 84 hryvnia, then the builders and show business (with a salary of 9 129 thousand and 8 thousand 177 hryvnia, respectively).

As OLX analysts say most are earning truck drivers - from $ 1 000 (about 26 thousand hryvnia). Drivers for domestic passenger services offer salary of 15 thousand hryvnia per month, but subject to the availability of own car.

As the HR-expert Alexander Belous, the least affected by inflation Ukrainians who receive wages in dollars - programmers, employees of foreign companies.

"If people in 2014 received 1.5 thousand. Dollars and that was the equivalent of 12 thousand. UAH, and now he can get over 40 thousand. Hryvnia. Increasing wages occurs. Employers understand that the market is changing. In principle, we can see that the private sector is much more lively react to the devaluation of wages and raised in the course of the year activity in the past year than it was in the public sector. The easiest way to increase salaries in those factories where the products are for export, "- says the expert.

The minimum wage in the past year was 1218 hryvnia (56.3 dollars at the exchange rate in June), and at the moment - 1378 hryvnia (55.8 dollars). Thus, for the six months wallets Ukrainians minimum wage "thinner" at $ 0.5 per month (0.8%). At the same time, if you count from January 2015 to January 2016, in Ukraine the dollar has risen in price by 8 9 hryvnia, and the minimum wage of steel by $ 21.5 per month less.

This year the minimum pension will increase to 134 hryvnia

Pensions will index this year, twice -. In May (56 hryvnia) and December (78 hryvnia) Thus, by the end of the year the minimum pension will amount to 1208 hryvnia (currently 1074). As a result, the welfare of Ukrainians in the best case does not change, said Alexander Okhrimenko. The budget for the year 2016 laid the growth of 12% in prices. After indexing, pensioners will be able to increase pensions to buy the same set of goods and services, as well as to the increase.

"There is a hope that will not be such a fall this year, as in the past. Mathematically, yes, they say that all is well - inflation of 12% and index held by the same percentage. But in practice, in order to comply with incomes of Ukrainians at least some income in less developed European countries, we should not be indexed at 12% and at least 40% ", - says the expert.

By the way, most retirees are in the Dnipropetrovsk region - more than a million people (data of the Pension Fund). In Kiev, there are more than 780 thousand pensioners, and in the Odessa region - 642 thousand to 11.2 million Ukrainians receive a pension on age -. The average 1578 hryvnia. Significantly higher pension at the "siloviki" retired (about 2800 hryvnia). There, there are only 78 thousand. Man in Ukraine. Income military pensions - about 2593 hryvnia, diplomats receive a pension of 3222 hryvnia, "Chernobyl" - 3365 hryvnia, and prosecutors - about 7 thousand hryvnia..

The highest pension get retired judges (such greater 1,400). The state allocates the servants of Themis pension of 16.4 thousand. Hryvnia. People's deputies are living on a pension in the amount of 15.1 thousand. Hryvnia.

This year, the Ministry of Finance verifies all recipients of social payments, including pensioners. Weed out the scams, according to the ministry, will be able to save 5 billion budget hryvnia.

"The Ministry of Finance will check the eligibility for social assistance to identify" dead souls "and not met the criteria for obtaining such assistance. Eliminating identified abuse will allow to normalize the system of social protection of the population and at the same time reduce the cost of the state budget ", - said the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko.

Alexander Okhrimenko confident Cabinet this year will not be able to keep inflation at the level of 12%. Therefore, even after the indexation of incomes of Ukrainians, according to the economist, in comparison with the beginning of the year will be reduced.

"This year, inflation will be at the level of 20-25%. Primarily it affects the increase of tariffs on "communal". Strongly influenced by the devaluation. We still in this and next year prices will "catch up" with the race of the dollar, which occurred in the past year. This applies to all prices.