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Glyn Thomas.:
One of the Eastern Slavic languages, Ukrainian now has over 40 million native speakers. It?s the one and only official language of Ukraine. Linguists think that modern Ukraine is probably where the proto-Slavic dialectics first developed and spread. Learning Ukrainian opens possibilities of teaching English as a second language, traveling to Ukraine, working or studying here, making friends or dating? Language lets you learn a whole new culture!

Of course, it's preferrable to enroll in Ukrainian language courses and learn it with real teachers. We have contacts for language schools on our website, but if you want to keep up with the language yourself, here are the resources!

Online learning
Duolingo is one of the most popular online platforms for language learning. Recently the website had Ukrainian language added. It?s still in Beta version, but the quality of lesson is reportedly good. Ukrainian course on Duolingo numbers more than 50 thousands learners!

Livemocha is an online language learning social network. It provides instructional materials in 38 languages and pairs you up with native Ukrainian speakers who want to learn your native language. It?s free to use!

UkrainianLanguage.org.uk has a lot of resources for Ukrainian language learners, particularly the Reading Ukrainian for Beginners guide. The course is designed to help learners consolidate and revise the subject matter covered in a taught reading course in Ukrainian or the reading component of a general Ukrainian language course.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy provides a short, but good online course for basic Ukrainian too.

There is a wide selection of Ukrainian as second language textbooks on Amazon. Here is the list.

But if you want to do it for free, there are resources available online. University of Alberta in Canada has a great Ukrainian textbook scanned.

Also, http://ukrainiangrammar.comis a great website about Ukrainian grammar.

Ukrainian Language for Peace Corps is a useful guide to Ukrainian phrases.

Youtube Channels are becoming popular now for the purposes of language learning. Teachers actually recommend to learn new languages by watching videos and films in the language. Here are some Youtube channels that could come in handy. 

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCmMLaatszo3vVHusmAumPz19pKOg9ADI: Short lessons in Ukrainian for beginners

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JHi2oHJrVNkhJlVRyK9vg: Relatively new channel, video lessons with real teacher writing on a whiteboard.

Most of Ukrainian TV channels have their shows online, like 5th Channel, UA:First Channel, 1+1 Channel


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