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Kyiv - new street names....
« on: 11:33 18-Dec-2016 »
Are you feeling lost in Kiev? Having trouble finding the right street name or address?

Don?t be surprised. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, a long-time resident or recently relocated to Kiev, finding your way around Kiev can be challenging. Kiev?s street names are constantly changing?something important to keep in mind if you are looking to rent an apartment in Kiev, buy property in Kiev, or offer your apartment for rent or sale.

Why are Kiev?s street names being changed?

Kiev?s street names are being changed to remove Soviet names and recognize figures from Ukrainian history, including events related to Ukraine?s independence from the Soviet Union.

Things to keep in mind about Kiev street names

Many Kiev buildings are not labeled with the new street name, or often any street name at all.

However, mobile apps for taxi services like Uklon often use the newest Kiev names.

If you are searching for an address in English using Google Maps, then Google is often using newer names and favoring transliterated Ukrainian-language street names, but not always. If you are using Google Maps and enter the older name for a street on Kiev?s Right Bank (right side of the Dnieper River), you can often be shown a Google search result for an address on the other side of the river. (Oh, we forgot to mention that for many Kiev streets on the city?s Right Bank there are streets on the Left Bank that share the same name, or used to?)

Then you need to keep in mind how local Kievans refer to street names, which adds to the confusion.

Which street names are used by local Kievans?

Then there is what local Kievans call streets? In Kiev it is quite common for locals to refer to streets by their older Russian-language names. However, other Kiev locals may insist on using the Ukrainian name for a street, but this could be a street?s new name or old name.

How does this work in practice? Kiev locals will often call a street ?Krasnoarmeyskaya? (?Red Army? street in Russian)?this is the street?s old name. A Ukrainian-speaker will often use the old name in Ukrainian ?Chervonoarmiis?ka? Street. The street?s new name is ?Velyka-Vasylkivska? in Ukrainian and ?Bolshaya-Vasylkovskaya? in Russian.  Are you confused yet?

New and old street names for Kiev streets that were recently renamed

Here you can find a list of Kiev street names that were recently renamed since 2012-2013.


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