Author Topic: Ukraine versions of ebay, amazon, etc.  (Read 705 times)

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Ukraine versions of ebay, amazon, etc.
« on: 06:00 18-Feb-2017 »
Other than Rozetka that is.

I'm interested in archery and of course we have no hunting shops here in Kramatorsk.  Thank you russian invaders.

Rozetka sells cheapo crap for the most part.  Where can a fella find hunting/archery stuff online here in our little slice of paradise?  The weather's bound to turn more pleasant soon and it would be nice to head out to the dacha and do some target practice and work on our form a bit.

Thanks mates


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Re: Ukraine versions of ebay, amazon, etc.
« Reply #2 on: 10:44 18-Feb-2017 »
Thank you kind sir.  Sadly the ONE that does mail order only seems to have cross bows.

Maybe a trip to Dnepropetrovsk would yield results.  A niece lives near there who might check for us.