Author Topic: Best Method for International Shipping 30 kg from Ukraine  (Read 3084 times)

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Thanks.  Yes, I was looking for other countries.

So as prices for shipping things from Ukraine abroad are ridiculously high, this seems to be a great business opportunity for an entrepreneurial member.  Or somebody who wants to travel the world for free because delivery as checked-in luggage is cheaper than what the companies charge ;)

The entrepreneurial, though not expatua members, have been delivering both ways for years. The local free eastern European papers from wherever you hail will provide you with details. These are usually found just inside the door of the eastern European delicatessen shops that are found on almost every street corner in most large cities and towns.

For example, there is a number of vans (not lorry but a Ford Transit type vehicle) regularly from Manchester and London (outside the Ukrainian Club in Holland Park) to Kyiv. These guys have contacts that will onward deliver from Kyiv to other major Ukrainian cities.

We haven't used them for many years although we have contact phone numbers but no idea if the teams still operate. I doubt K24 requires UK to Ukraine.

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Magellan ( has a solid reputation within the Ukrainian expat communities in France and of course in Ukraine.
They carry passengers with luggages, but also only packages. Their minibuses go as far as Italy, Spain and make stops throughout their trips (Germany, Hungary.)

They have regular minibus lines accross Europe/Ukraine
Bring your package to the meeting point in the cities where they have stops. The fee is very cheap, but you have no tracking number, you can only rely of the driver's professionalism and honesty and so far, I 've never been disappointed in their services.

Sometimes the minibus can be late at the meeting point but they keep people updated.