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Saakashvilli"s Citizenship Revoked: Poroshenko Vs. Democracy?

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David Rochlin:
Poroshenko Strips former friend and diehard reformer Saakashvilli of citizenship, claiming documentation was given Ukraine showing human rights violations by the former Governor of Odessa and one of the guys Poroshenko trusted most. 
Of course the real reason was that Saakashvilli started a reform party that would have challenged Poroshenko and his Oligarch cronies.   Poroshenko is not popular, so has he decided to keep his job by copying Yanukovych's style? Or Yushchenko's style,  I mean will he jail or exile opposition who might threaten him or his Oligarch supporters?  Is this the beginning of the prosecutorial campaign before the election campaign?  Obviously this is going to have reprecussions in the U.S. and EU.   Poroshenko just gave the U.S. and EU a perfect excuse to freeze aid of all kinds.


Banana Republic

When Saakashvili was doing his speeches  against corruption last summer with his psuedo-party "Ruh Novh Sil", I told everyone Saakashvili is walking on a dangerous line and will be gotten rid of. It was funny how so many people with rose-colored glasses were still clinging to the idea that someone will let this guy anywhere close to where the real decision makers are.. Looks like I was right.


--- Quote from: David Rochlin on 01:15 27-Jul-2017 ---Poroshenko Strips former friend and diehard reformer Saakashvilli of citizenship
--- End quote ---

Weird, I thought it was not allowed to make one of your citizen apatrid


Ukrainian Citizenship Explained

If there is a surge in questions about the Emperor, place switch to "Dark Side" and turn off citizenship.

Sakashvili being deported.

Maidan 2.0, The Oligarch Strikes Back, coming to a theatre near you next summer.


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