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Angela Merkel Wins, but Implications for Ukraine

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David Rochlin:
Angela Merkel's Party comes out best with about one third of votes.  But, they had 10% more last time.  Her Party is very much pro-Ukraine/anti-Russia, at least in comparison with the the Kremlin-based midget friendly Social democrats, who also lost 10%.   The story is that Germany's right got more votes, and the extreme right got into the legislature.   The extreme right is the Kremlin-based midget friendly and Russia financed. 
Merkel will coalition to keep her job.  And that coalition will be weaker.   But, the opposition is also fractured.   
The outcome is O.K. for Ukraine, assuming no surprises in forming a Government.   
The EU already extended sanctions and Merkel will not make noises about ending them, post election.

To be honest, I am surprised that Merkel has won a 4th term in office and by quite a big margin as well. She and her party are clearly very popular in Germany, certainly more popular than I thought. I would of thought her decision to let in all those refugees a couple of years ago with many of them not properly vetted, would of turned a lot of Germans against her. The problems the immigrants have caused in Germany since then have been numerous. But I guess her popularity among the German people has overridden that.

For Ukraine, it is clearly a positive event that Merkel has held on to power. Ukraine needs as many allies as possible right now.

The numerous problems due to the immigrants do not exist... This is an enemy scenario created by the extreme right in order to present themselves as the savior.... nevertheless it is scary that after Germanys history, this rightwing party got 13% of the votes... and most of these dumbass 13% explained their voting with a wish to show protest against the ruling parties... yeah of course you vote for the Nazis as a sign of protest. these voters have left their brain at the wardrobe before they went to the ballots.


--- Quote from: frank1010 on 21:01 25-Sep-2017 ---The numerous problems due to the immigrants do not exist...

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Really?  ???  That's not what the news shows from many sources.

2016 only,

These as well as 2million more hits on a quick google search.

The number of links or sources determines the credibility of the statement that Germany has a refugee problem? a refugees in my opinion can never be a problem. The problem is the war stricken places where human rights are abused and which makes people escape... the problem is not the people trying to escape. all the refugees and migrants were declared a problem mostly by right wing parties and populists who tried to invent someting in order to win votes. according to them the problem is all these illegal criminals and Muslim terrorists, which shatter europe. The solution is blocking the borders, throw all illegal  migrants out immediately and stick to the pure blood of our nation..... The Nazis tried to tell Germans the same by the way. That is a problem in my opinion....


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