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One more shot to the bough (did I spell that right?) of the EU.

I have made 2 easy prediction.

1. Nationalism is the near future.
2.The EU destroyed its self.

The EU could save its self but I doubt it will.

David Rochlin:
The front of the Ship is the bow.  The bough would be any of the thicker branches on a tree.

The phrase you're looking for is 'shot across the bow', referring to firing a warning shot in front of a miscreant vessel.

Thanks for the word clarifications, any thoughts of Euro trends?

David Rochlin:
Merkel remains the most powerful politician in Germany and the EU, by far.  Her opponents were also weakened.   Clearly Russia has had a great deal of success in cracking the joins of European Unity at the weakest points.   European moderates have been very slow to see and accept that immigration is undermining their support.  EU economics cause a synergy to the economic issues.  The problem is not  the immigration or immigrants themselves, but unintended economic consequences.   The single market has caused business and employment to concentrate in a small number of European cities, the capitols, and a few of the very largest urban areas in each country.  Housing costs have skyrocketed in those cities.   Low wage workers cannot afford market prices for housing in these urban areas where most jobs are.   Immigrants have taken up much of the available subsidized housing in these cities.   Consequently, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction in small cities and rural areas, because there are no jobs, and because people can't relocate to costly cities where all the opportunities are available.  These people are prone to blame immigrants and join Nationalist parties, and Russia is taking advantage of this to lever a small investment in right wing parties into a lot of damage to the EU and the dying dream of One Europe.  With Turkey and the EU at odds, it seems likely that another wave of migrants displaced by the end of IS and defeat of Islamic rebels in Iraq and Syria, could easily occur.


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