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Things to do in Kiev for orphans with special needs

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Hi everyone,
My name is Scott from Bila Tserkva.  Every winter we take around 40 kids from the Boy's House Orphanage in Bila Tserkva to Kiev on an excursion. This is an orphanage for boys, ages 5-30, with developmental disabilities.  We mainly take kids in the 12-20 age range.  Three years ago, we went to Dolphin show, two years ago to the Oceanarium in Kiev, and then last year we went on a tour of the Roshen Chocolate Factory.  This year we tried working with Galaxy Park, or the Circus and neither seem to be working out.  Any suggestions on places in Kiev that are fun for children, that aren't too expensive.  I don't think we can do the water park, the kids are a little too big for Kidlandia, even though I think they would really enjoy it, but I thought maybe some of you living in Kiev with children, might know of some gems. 
Thank you so much. 


Ping Pong (there has to be a table somewhere in a park)

Football in the park.

Summer, river swims.

Frisbee Football / Golf.

Ask Zoo and Circus management if they will provide free tickets for show times that are relatively empty.

Maybe start a program that the kids walk some neighbor's dogs for 1/2 an hour for a little pocket money.   

Movie - Need a TV and popcorn. 

... off the top of my head, cheap and interesting for kids.  Think team sports and group activity. 

Darren Jones:
What time of year are you taking them?

I always like this place: Kievan Rus Park


Thanks everyone for your suggestions, we are taking them just after Christmas, so somewhere around the 7th of January.  So it will most likely be cold. 


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