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Speaking Club Host in KIEV, UKRAINE. Only English native speakers please!

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Hi Guys!

I am looking for a Speaking club host Kiev, Ukraine.

What you need to do is:

1. Thinkng about topics for Speaking Clubs (Travelling, Movies, etc.)
1.1. Be creative and interesting.
2. Sharing your ideas on the matter.
2.1. Group discussions: students-host, students-students
3. Offering some creative homework (presentations, etc)
4. Providing the advantage of talking to a native speaker.
5. Correcting some critical errors while not native English speakers share their point of view.

That is basically it - nothing special.

 Please PM me with your rate per hour.

Our Kiev office is located 5 min walk from Kharkivska subway station (Green line).



Hi, is this still valid?  Roz

Write a PM and see. But he hasn't been here at the forum since the end of April.

 Good Luck

Wonder what one would expect to get paid for such a role.

I'm doing a couple of these per week w/o pay but for Ukrainian lessons. Seems fair to me.   ;D


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