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How to spot and avoid a gold digger in Ukraine for NEWBIES .....

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Whether you meet a local girl for the first time on a dating site, Thru a friend, at a club whatever the case, There are two golden rules easy to follow that will help you from being a walking ATM

1. Ask your new date what the best present she ever was given in her life ... If she replies with a material object as her answer ie Iphone 7 plus or an Armani watch then she is a material whore who will take advantage of you financially, RUN NOW RUN, NO matter how hot she is lol,  But if she says answers the question with something like an experience, Ie I went to bukovel skiiing for a week or I went on a cruise or I got a gym membership then she is the real deal and your on a winner

2. Suggest to your date that you have always wanted to try Puzatta hata and ask her to join you for a meal, if she turns her nose up at you or says no without any legit reason then RUN, As 99% of Ukraine girls love puzatta hata and only a gold digger would say no

3. Avoid Buddha bar and Arena, Avalon, Alaska, Mur Mur etc etc etc

Good luck and happy hunting  :P :P :P

A good start Ash.

I'd look for a slightly different reply to the best gift Q tho.  My child or Finding You would keep me in the game for sure.

Good Time Girls (GTGs) will almost always want the first and even subsequent meetings (if you're dumb enough to go for more) to be at a vacation destination and/or a shopping spree.

When in Kyiv, we almost always hit a PH or Dva Goosii.

Seriously, Puzata Hata food is too salty. I would only go there for cakes and desserts. Yum yum!!!

 There are other options, perhaps Dva Goosi could work. You can try Katyusha.

It appears that the percentage of gold diggers in Ukraine is higher than in any of the neighbouring countries.  Why is this?


It's a lot more complicated than the above would suggest, but it is still good information.  So thanks for it.

I've been toying with the idea of making a web page for newbies showing the risks and showing detailed examples - Reggie-style.  :D :D.

It's not just Gold Diggers; it's also the emotional psychos; Chronic Naggers (which can be a form of gold digging); Golden Queen Syndrome (where the only thing they know how to clean is themselves, but the place they live looks like a garbage can full of mold and dust exploded, and they want to do that to your home too).  There are many 'types.'   AND those types are common.    It doesn't mean there aren't good women to be found for normal family lives, but it means it is more difficult. 

And sometimes a lady will start off as a psycho, have a child or two, and then realize and turn her life around.   It's a complex situation.   

The really capable gold diggers: Even when you know that's what they are; your pecker will get into a fierce debate with your brain and may win; they are that good.  They will play the long game.


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