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Comforts from home shipped via MEEST

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I've seen quite a few "where can I get _________ posts over the years here and "if Silpo ain't got it yer pretty much SOL until your next run".

It was suggested awhile back to order online and ship it, but almost no online retailer will ship Intl and if they do forget about getting it shipped to UA.


NOTE:  This applies to USA shipments.  If you're from somewhere else do some homework.

I figured it out (so far) so it ain't that difficult.

Step one

Go to https://my.meest.us/en 
--If Eng is not your native tongue try to find yours.
--And remember....GOOGLE is your friend, don't be afraid to use it.

I choose the NJ address and created an online acct.
Its the usual profile creation, of course, and you'll be asked to provide your UA address, Ph#, email, etc

On your Dashboard;
---- They will display THEIR receiving address for you to have your purchases sent to.
---- After the pkgs start rolling in they will be displayed as well as each phase of the shipment creation as it occurs.

Make your purchases at your fav online shops  (I used Amazon this time) and use the MEEST address for the shipment.

Upon arriving at MEEST, you'll receive a notice via email (you can choose SMS if you wish).

If your purchase is divided into multiple shipments (mine arrived in 2 pkgs) you can combine them into one box to be sent to UA.  And select Air or Sea for the shipping method.  I want it this year so I selected Air and hoping for the best goat cart UA has to offer when it gets to this side of The Pond.

You'll have to provide the category and value for each item (thank God I only bought 4 items)  This is the Declaration, btw.

Upon clicking Send (or some such) you should get a pop up, with the "I understand/Agree" box to tic and the option of
-paying via CC or COD (for 5% of the invoice extra) and
-buying extra Ins (0.87 usd in my case) and then click the Send button again.

Then you'll see your completed shipment in the processing queue with a new tracking number and the promise that your invoice will be emailed to you as soon as they get it ready (1-2 business days).

That's it.  I will update as things unfold. 
Hope ya'll enjoyed the show.

What about approx. time frame and shipping costs?


--- Quote from: AkMike on 19:39 08-Feb-2018 ---What about approx. time frame and shipping costs?

--- End quote ---

Unknown atm.

Should see an invoice in a day or 2 then they'll give a tracking # and maybe an ETA.

We use them to ship boxes from Houston, TX to Lviv.  4-6 weeks.  Completely satisfied with them and never have had a problem.  About $1/pound and a $25 delivery charge so around $100 each box give or take....shoes for the orphans, my wife's old clothes for family/friends, lawnmower, bbq grill, tools, ceiling fans, bicycles, etc. all courtesy of Meest.  Got to get a little creative breaking things apart to fit in the box sometimes and the 80 pound weight limit, but I know the lawnmower was a few pounds over the limit.  Old clothes make darn good packing material.

Eddie, is that 80# for air or sea transport?


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