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Transporting plants from Chernivtsi to Lviv


Not sure if I am in the right place, but perhaps admins can re-direct if necessary.

I need to transport a large number of small plants from Chernivtsi to Lviv.  Obviously plants need handling slightly more delicately than boxes etc, and can't be kept out of the light or water for long periods of time, so really its a door to door job. 

Anyone know any companies/individuals who might do this?  Alternatively, anyone know about van rental in the Lviv area?  I'd be happy enough to do the trip myself in a decent van.

Is train an option? It would be a lot smoother ride.

You need to figuire out yourself what kind of transportation and packaging will be suitable for your cargo.
1. What is the amount of goods for 1 time delivery? Is it going to be put only on the floor or layers are possible? Generally when you order a full truck load or van it IS door to door delivery unless you are ready to rely on Nova Poshta or similar service.
2. place your cargo ad on https://lardi-trans.com/ and/or https://della.ua/ for free and wait for the offers.

But again, you have to know exactly what kind of transport you need before ordering it. 

Thanks for the link VGera!

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