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Daily Rental Apartments
« on: 19:32 20-Jun-2018 »
The industry is in a bit of a squeeze as rents are low even in the center, and only skyrocket briefly for sporting events, major holidays and peak summer season.  This has consequences for services.
Some of us, myself included, have enthusiastically recommended Dobovo in recent years.  My experience in recent days suggest they and their large client, Partnerguesthouse are not as good as they used to be.
Dobovo confirmed a booking for an apartment a client already rented.
Guesthouse no longer gives me free transfers between their apartments in the center.  I had to find the apartment myself only to discover they gave me the wrong key.  A few days later they transferred me from Maidan to Shevchenko with no vehicle.  It was the weekend with Kraschethk closed, but that is what, a km.  Luckily my bag was "Lost"   by Lufthansa for my third visit to Kyiv in a row, so it wasn't a miserable Km.  I had a cleaning lady beg for alms until I donated.   Renting improved so much over the years, but  it is like renting in 2005 again. Well I remember the furniture used to collapse back then.  A wardrobe once tried to kill me.