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Business Banking Advice
« on: 20:03 16-Jul-2018 »
Hi, all my paperwork has been completed and my business is officially set up, and now I need to open a business account.  Anyone got any good/bad experiences they can share?  I have had personal experience with Kredo, Ukrsib and Bank Lviv (all positive) and Privatbank (negative - like everyone else!), but don't know what they are like for business banking.  The main selling points for me would be:

1. The ability to do as much as possible online (view accounts/statements, transfer money, make payments etc)
2. Ease, cost and speed of international transfers
3. General fees
4. Security/reliability (obviously Kredo and Ukrsib are parts of international networks)

All advice or experience greatly appreciated.

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Re: Business Banking Advice
« Reply #1 on: 07:04 17-Jul-2018 »
I have no negative comments on PrivatBank. Now that it is a state bank business loans are less driven by corruption and fraud.
Business accounts: I know of a couple who have business accounts there and have not complained about them, at least to me.

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Re: Business Banking Advice
« Reply #2 on: 11:48 17-Jul-2018 »
Hey Kyle, Good on ya' for sticking it out despite the trouble you had.
Best of luck in your venture. Let us know how it turns out.