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Re: Predictions for 2019
« Reply #30 on: 04:36 26-Mar-2019 »
Dems are going to use the AG office of NY to investigate and charge Trump & family & associates & companies with various unrelated frauds and perjuries.  But, President Trump's life just got a lot simpler.

At this point it looks like the elite Dem political and donor class will back Joe Biden.  He is also polling best, despite only unofficially being in the race as yet. 
Bernie Sanders is second
Kamala Harris, a favorite at grass roots level, is polling only 8% 
Elizabeth Warren is polling in the low single digit.

His life has been simple from day one.  Its the liturds that keep making shyt up that complicate things.

Couldn't care less what the so called elites dems are doing.  They got nuthin but hair brained ideas dreamed up by that moron AOC.  She should've stuck to bar tending, I've worked with smarter goats than her.

Thanks for defending the goats!

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Re: Predictions for 2019
« Reply #31 on: 14:21 26-Mar-2019 »
Since this is a predictions thread, more and more I am convinced the Dems are totally misreading the average swing voter. They are so obsessed with bring down Trump, they are failing to craft an appealing image of thier party.

Combine that with the rise of the Far-Left personalities who are now the face of the party, it doesnt look good.

Because Trump has failed to address the tech purge of his base he will depend solely on FOX NEWS to get his message out. However, FOX NEWS is a haven for Boomers, he will need to break through the impenetrable wall of the Algorithms which will not only direct good-trump stories into a blackhole but route anti trump stories and videos into the lap of average Facebook feeds etc.

To see how this rig works try this exercise-
Search for this on Google "Black man attacks woman"  you notice the results they feed you are so often the odd case of a white man attacking a black women or some other rather rare incident.

If you click on the "video tab" you see the same thing.

This is a small example of what Trumps tech enemies are doing and will be doing.

When so many states are won or lost by a fraction.......

Imagine what they say in private.

Montaigne's axiom: "Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know."