Author Topic: On the hunt for English-speaking doctors in Kyiv  (Read 621 times)

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So, I am rather hopeless when it comes to going to doctors and will gladly avoid it and pretend there is absolutely no need for as long as humanely possible. But I made a New Year's resolution to change that behavior, so now I am trying to locate good English-speaking doctors in Kyiv. I went to a gynecologist in AMC years ago and it was fine but their rates are ridiculous in comparison to just any other place. So I would like something more reasonably-priced.
After some searching (and very bad experiences with one clinic) I located and awesome English-speaking dentist who is not only great at his job but also pleasant and fair-priced.
So my next quest is finding a gynecologist (first) and a general family doctor (second).

Anybody has any suggestions? I saw Boris clinic recommended on this forum but it was 10 years ago. Anybody knows how they are today? Do they still have English-speaking doctors?

Any input will be greatly appreciated!