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Goodbye everyone

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Glyn Thomas.:
So... it's goodbye from me.  After a decade at the helm of Expat Ukraine it has been sold to an entrepreneur who will pick up the baton and move it onwards and upwards - I wish him well.  I hope the Country and people progress with a more enlightened outlook and continue to tolerate us in their midst as guests.

The new owner says he will leave the forum untouched for now... and long may it continue.

Thank you to the moderators who make this such a fun place to hang out - especially Carl who has stuck it out since the start and has devoted many hours to keeping it all on track. I'll miss wielding the ban hammer and the Pavlovian replies to anyone suggesting that guns are harmful and salo is good for you.

Be nice to each other.

Best wishes


Thank you! 

Is the owner foreign or Ukrainian?

Glyn Thomas.:

Enjoy the added time with your family Glyn!  Best wishes for the future!!

Farewell Glynn!  Fair winds and a following sea.


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