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My wife and I, live in Texas, are checking to see if anybody knows of any grocery delivery services in Chernivtsi Ukraine?  My mother in law's 80th is this summer and wife wants to surprise her with some grocery's delivered.  does anybody have any suggestions, recommendations?

I think that Meest offers some service like this but have never used them for that.  Have only used them to ship parcels with good luck until the most recent one being stuck in customs. 

I can't imagine an 80 year old babushka would actually want any store bought stuff anyway.  Seems the ones I know wont eat it unless it has been sitting out in some street corner all day in the market.

Eddie, it sounds like he wants local delivery from a local source to me.   Meest will bring it in from the states.

You can give Наш Край a try (http://shop.nashkraj.ua/chernivtsi). They do work in Chernivtsi and have not a bad choice of groceries, if you're not looking for anything overly 'exotic' that is.

Local delivery is exactly what i meant.  sorry if I was not clear. 


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