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Weird - Don't you wonder how they got on?


Searching for a particular post, I stumbled upon this one.

The poster clausdanmark:

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Just one post, no further news.

--- Quote from: clausdanmark on 08:48 23-Jun-2014 ---Hi
I am currently living in Copenhagen Denmark. I have started up IT development business with a friend (also danish national) who now lives in Khmelnitskiy and is working along with three local ukrainian developers on creating a mobile app we hope will take the world with storm :-)

Br Claus

--- End quote ---

Another dream shattered on the shores of reality perhaps?

Yet another mobile app that  "will take the world by storm" apparently DID not happen. Again. Sorry but if i had 1/100th on a cent for every time I head that I would be paying off the debt of some Island paradise country and living there. With a Taco truck that never runs out of food.


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