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So, full disclosure, I'm a huge nerd :). *end of disclosure*

And the question is - does anybody around here knows a place to go to find tabletop DnD players in Kyiv (that would play in English of course)? Or maybe someone knows somebody who plays and is looking for a group? Or maybe, although I do know that it's unlikely, someone here actually plays and is looking for a group?
There is three of us here and we do have two potential dungeon masters. We played for a while with two other friends but they started complaining that their knowledge of English is not good enough. So now we are searching for two or more other people to join us on our merry adventures in Faer?n :). And we don't really know, where one would find those in Kyiv.

Well................ been playing D&D since original version.........sigh....sadly in my town that is unheard of. (most likely D&D here is still residing in the realm of Satan and the Anti-Christ will show up at your bed in the middle of the night to drag you off to hell.....) 

I gave up looking for groups several years ago. I have net even heard of a group in Kyiv...I hope you find one because RPG is just most likely too expensive for people here. Don't get me started on Warhammer 40k miniatures.....

Yeah, convincing anybody to play 40k here is borderline impossible. Although we do have one friend who expressed some interest in building his first plasma spamming blueberries, excuse me, Tau ;) army. However that never got off the ground either as the rest of our buddies either complain at the price of miniatures or complain about painting those. I must also admit that I have my own reservations about getting back into WH 40k. I love the miniatures (and the painting!), I adore the lore (currently about half way into Horus Heresy series). But most of my experiences in actually playing 40k sadly show that it tends to bring out the worst in people (I can't even count how many times I heard screaming matches about who moved what too far or who messed with whose miniatures when the other one was not looking). But it may be that I've been playing 40k with wrong people.

Been playing DnD for a while as well :). Never the first edition (impressed!), mainly 2nd ADnD and 3rd. In this latest group, that did not survive, we were playing the latest edition. And I must say I did enjoy most of the changes they made between this one and 3.5 edition (and 4th that should not be mentioned ;)). I do hope we find people, although I do not have much hope. After all, as you said, everybody knows that any rpg players are just a bunch of unwashed satan worshippers ;).


--- Quote from: Fraucha on 08:49 11-May-2019 --- I hope you find one because RPG is just most likely too expensive for people here.

--- End quote ---
I don't think that is a problem with tabletop. After all, you can play tabletop DnD with your only expense being a piece of paper for a character sheet and a pencil ;), maybe a set of dice if you don't wanna roll somebody elses. Player handbook can be borrowed (or, let's face it, pirated). More expense is only really required of a DM - it can be expensive or cheap as dirt, depending on how fancy of a game you want to run.

I don't know of any groups in Ukraine, but...

1. 3.5ed is free open source (d20) - download and print -
Also, if a person digs around online everything dnd is out there for "free"

2. another option is Fantasy Grounds, an online system of running a game on PC/Mac/Linux w/ internet or LAN


players would need a laptop or PC and a demo version (free) to play in a game hosted by DM with ultimate version$149 or subscription

I tried this and it does work, with some effort.

It is referred to as a Virtual Tabletop game system.
FG itself is modular. Different systems/modules/graphics/sound can be bought as desired.
At least one person would need some computer skillz :) light programming/networking knowledge.
If FG is used with remote players - then Microphones are recommended although text can be used exclusively iirc.

Intro to FG from Youtube (many vids available)


The other benefit is that players/DM can be from a different country etc. (time zone differences ofc)


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