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Chaos of Unicredit Bank
« on: 12:21 05-Jun-2019 »
I got an Unicredit VISA debit Card in 2016 and will be expired at the end of this month.
At the time I got this card, Unicredit had been merged with Ukrsotsbank. Recently, I couldn't use the online banking. The website asked me to contact Alfa-Bank JSC.
I visited Alfa-Bank website, I couldn't login either.
I tried to do internet shopping but fail.
Even worse, I tried to use ATM abroad to withdraw money, ATM told me my password was incorrect but I was 100% input correctly.
Will the ATM / local bank charge me commission in this case? Anybody knows?
Shall I need to go to Ukraine to make good of it?

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Re: Chaos of Unicredit Bank
« Reply #1 on: 05:54 06-Jun-2019 »
Perhaps you can call Alfa Bank, talk to someone on the phone.

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Re: Chaos of Unicredit Bank
« Reply #2 on: 07:50 25-Jun-2019 »
I have Unicredit from Czech Republic, and that Unicredit here used to have no fee withdrawals until 2016, when they sold Unicredit. They are no longer in Ukraine at all. I've used Unicredit since 2009, and they are a good bank, the only EU bank defined as "too big to fail".  As for bank fees, Privatbank is terrible, but others are worse, some even charging 5EUR just to check balances. But in the South of Ukraine, Pivdenni Bank and Vostok bank DON'T charge ATM fees, so look around and avoid using Privatbank.

As for your UA Unicredit card, you might want to go with another bank than Alfa. I used their ATMS once and Unicredit turned my card off, telling me that they will send a new one. When I pressed them as to why, they told me that Alfa Bank has an "unsecured database".