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NEW USA Social Security UPDATE
« on: 12:01 19-Jul-2019 »
From Warsaw Social Security Center. Well, one step closer it seems.....

Dear Beneficiary,

This notice provides significant updates about your benefits.

Important Information

We wish to inform you that Social Security Administration removed Ukraine from the list of restricted payment countries.

What does it mean for you?

Effective immediately, people who are entitled to Social Security benefits and residing in Ukraine will no longer be required to pay regular visits to the U.S. Embassy:

?         If you are currently receiving benefits because your payments have been approved under the ?Special Payment Procedure?, the payments will continue if you provide the information we request below.

?         If your benefits are suspended because your payments have not been approved under the ?Special Payment Procedure?, we will resume them if you provide the information shown below.

What do you need to do to ensure uninterrupted payments?

Please give us all of the following current information:

?  Your residence and mailing address in Ukraine

?  Your telephone number at which we can reach during office hours

?  Your email address (it is indispensable due to postal issues in Ukraine)

?  Your current citizenship

Please provide the information by completing the table in the bottom of this message and sending it to our office as soon as possible.

How can payments be made?

Social Security benefits must be directly deposited in a bank account. However, international deposit of benefits is not yet available in Ukraine. Therefore, you can have you payments electronically transferred to your account:

?         at a U.S. bank

?         at a bank in one of the countries where this option is currently available. You can find the current list of those countries on this website:

Yours sincerely,

Federal Benefits Unit


Social Security Claim Number
Address: Street Name
Address: Street/House Number
Address: Postal Code
Address: City
Telephone Number