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One of my inlaws made his first visit from Donetsk to Mariupol recently, in order to pick up some legal documents. He had not entered Ukrainian-controlled territory since before Euromaidan.

He was absolutely shocked by what he saw here. He had been flooded with Russian/DNR propaganda about the conditions in Mariupol. He expected the streets to be patrolled by Red Sector language police, who would arrest on sight anyone speaking Russian on the streets. Instead, he heard everyone freely speaking Russian, including inside the notary and administration offices.

While he was here, there was a large rock festival held on the beach. He couldn't believe it, "I thought all the beaches are mined." He didn't expect that anybody could go swimming due to the minefields.

He experienced people acting in a free manner, enjoying the weather, going to cafes and cinemas. He said that in Donetsk there is a curfew at 8pm. There are no cinemas, banks or cafes, most of the apartments sit vacant, and life in general is pretty bleak there.

Hard to believe that Opposition Bloc gets so many votes around here.

Because there are still plenty of stupid people who think russia is the bee's knees.

He's obviously been listening to the pro Russian media and the authorities in that break away republic. It's good to see that he has now been enlightened. Mind you, I would never want to live in Mariupol, it has to be one of the most polluted cities in the whole of Ukraine.

Yes, Akmetov won't spend any money on remedial measures, and he owns the city authorities.

Keep the locals under heel and scraping by leaves the wolves free to prowl unhindered.

Happiness is not for everyone comrade. Misery is a Soviet birthright.

Old Ukrainian saying is something like:

"If my neighbor is unhappy I am happy."


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