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Operation Odessa


Operation Odessa

A Showtime documentary

primarily revolving around Ludwig Lyosha Fainberg aka "Tarzan" (Born in Odessa)

If you have not seen this I recommend it 100%

Here are some of the headlines from when this docu was released:

1. How a Russian Mobster in Miami Sold a Soviet Submarine to Colombian Coke Smugglers

2. Strippers, Cocaine and Murder: The Crazy (True) Story of Two Crooks? Pursuit of a Soviet Submarine

3. How ?Tarzan? and a Cuban duo ?got in deep? with a cocaine cartel



Really, any one who has spent time in Ukraine, Miami, South America, Russia, and likes stories like the Godfather will absolutely LOVE this movie.
The guy Tarzan is so over the top!  :-* :-* :-*

It's just brilliant!   8) 8)

This documentary is so full of awesome sauce you will want to become a mobster after seeing this ))


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