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Ukrain Mentality / Help Police.


Was not even going to write about this that happend yesterday but after seeing article on article about it and that noone wanted to help I want to adress the problem and how can it be fixed ?

The main problem is that Ukrain wants more safety, but also not want to help police.

Story is much more than they write in the news..

The real story is, and this is where it get Fraked up and im infact sitting with some quilt over not trying to understand more about if they needed or not needed me for the protocol.

Yesterday I was on the way to Borispol on the poltava Highway.
Suddenly I nearly get hit from behind of an W Passat, he was driving very crazy, he managed to go around me and then again nearly hit the car in front of me.
I noticed police lamps 200  meters behind me and have way to the police car (1 car only) I was mad at this Passat and i have fron/back camera so i decided follow the chase, which went up and down in speed (130 Max)
Passat did alot of scary reckless things and this was just dissaster to happend, driver managed to nearly skip from police (policecar mitsubishi hybrid, not very good for an car chase ) Me and another car decided to stick to police and couple of KM after police got an oportunity to half block him in because of the other car was close to the passat, and I passed the policecar (im in fast big car) and i blocked In front of the passat

The 2 policeguy runs out, 1 jump in driver window which was open, and then driver try drive back while police is hanging on the car.
Thats where i decide to run and help, police infact get the guy out before i come but he guy is big, get the small policeguy do)wn on ground  and now its 1 vs 1.
I see that the guy that they try to arrest have probably An knife sitting in hist front belt.(dont think police saw it at that time)
So i took an decission to jump in the fight (Im big and know the risk, but will always help police)
Policeguy was little supriced over the help but he understood I was there to help. It took us probably 4-5 Mins to get him down and handcuffed, at one point when we had him down before the handcuff was on him police asked me to relax little, but the guy was trying to go for the knife all the time so i told them handcuff and i relax.
After we turned him around and see its a Gun, at that point Policeguy got very happy for my help.

Then A policewoman came 10 mins after
Woman come and we speak, Only guy that speaks english was infact the guy we just arrested and he was mad and drunk.
So called my wife and we translated and waited.
After 30 mins I ask if all okay and if they need me, woman say all okay I can go...
Now all this take a terrible turn..

I drive, and go to airport. starts looking in news about if anything about this.
Then after 20 mins or searching i see an article with a picture and i see its the woman i just spoke with at the accident.

To do the protocol on alcohol they need 2 witnesses, when she send me away we was already 2 people there.
After that she tried to stop cars for 1 other witness.
Noone stopped, but she got someone to stop on the other side of the road (road is divided with metal fence EU highway style) she jumped the fence and after the stopped car another car did't see her and ofc was speeding so she got hit and died probably on the spot or fast after.

Its crazy that someone have to die because so old rules, but also that noone wanted to stop and help her.
And why did she send me away also ?

At the Spot i felt something was not right but i left but I had time to do protocol.
Just so sad over that none wanted to help in the correct side of the road.

I will probably never understand this ukrain mentality.

 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

I often run into strange things in Ukrainian protocol also, not as extreme as yours though. In this case I am wondering if the video you as well as the police recorded is good enough evidence? But apparently the rules have not changed. It is akin to a court reporter in the USA....in this modern day and age they still have a stenographer type everything in court, when a video record will suffice....

Ukraine is still a 1/2 old Soviet System and 1/2 wacky Ukrainian wannabe Europe. It results in me wanting to bitch-slap each and every citizen. Things are looking up apparently, but there are still 46,000,000 stupid things going on everyday.

I agree the Police cars look good, but are only good for running down a goat cart or a Lada. Roads are still littered with pot holes left over from the Luftwaffe's bombing runs 70 years ago. I mean just drive over to Moldavia where the roads are better...But they love the pretty new cars loaded with inept police.

It's hard to turn a blind eye to so many stupid things here....but there are times when I find that thinking like a Ukrainian serves you better....but in truth that is not how we were raised.

Sadly most of us Expats are older (retired types) we may never live long enough to see Ukraine shed the yolk of the Soviets, kick out the Russians out of the East and get Crimea back (though I am not sure we should take on that financial black hole), let alone see actual Ukrainians with a European value attitude and society in place.

Even the Police guy tried to explain me that this Mitsubishi Hybrid was no good in car chases like this it was a 2017/2018 model and the passat was probably from 2004-10 but outrun the police in acceleration.

But yes rules are to outdated even when police have body cameras on them they need to enforce this stupid rules..
The videos would only be good for the chase and how reckless he drove, police car was with front camera only and my car was parked out of sight for our fight/arrest with him.
But all 3 cops had Body cams, the girl even took her own phone and filmed him when he started to call her small prostitute dog and so on.

Just annoying when something like this happends when it could be avoided


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