Author Topic: Mariage between 2 expats  (Read 875 times)

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Mariage between 2 expats
« on: 01:05 26-Oct-2019 »
So im back on the Forum after a couple years.  New issues.
After 5 years here, marrying, fighting and getting  wounded in donbass I?m divorced(almost 2 years soon.). Now again I have found someone for my self. I want to get married with her in Ukraine....but she is another foreigner as well...we are currently abroad for vacation.  but will want to fly to Ukraine and marry soon. As I said I?ve been in Ukraine 5 years and have a permanent residence permit.  I know 2 forigners can get married in Ukraine but. I read this on a us consulate site:

?The Ukrainian civil marriage process can take several weeks to several months. If you are marrying another American, or a third-country national, Ukrainian authorities require that one of the parties be present in Ukraine - for an unspecified period of several months - before they can register their marriage in Ukraine.“

Does this mean that because I left the country for 3 weeks vacation I have to wait another several months before I can marry her in Ukraine or does it count that I?ve lived her for the past 5 years on a permanent residency permit?
Any input or help is appreciated.
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Re: Mariage between 2 expats
« Reply #1 on: 13:20 26-Oct-2019 »
There is no longer a 30 day cooling off period after you register for marriage in many places.  I'd come back and try to show only your PRP to sign up and see what they say. Your international passport will show travels that you were out of the country. But who knows they might not notice it..   :(
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Re: Mariage between 2 expats
« Reply #2 on: 20:04 26-Oct-2019 »
I know this sounds stupid, but, go to your local ZAGS office and ask them directly what exactly you will need to get married. Yeah you went on vacation for 3 weeks and this will be the sticking point that will require information directly from the horse's mouth in the office you plan to get married in. Once they understand your case/situation you will then be a familiar face, fighting and wounded in the Donbass may go a long way in their minds and you may get better treatment.(make sure you have all of your service discharge papers as well as your divorce papers from Ukraine when you go the first time also)