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Donating Blood
« on: 16:04 15-Nov-2019 »
   A buddy has been in a bad industrial accident and needed some blood . I went to the local city hospital with his wife to donate some and was rejected. Even though the new set of rules have been sent out from Kyiv to the different oblasts, the oblast here hasn't bothered to tell the hospitals that it's now allowed for foreigners to donate.  :( :( :(  So they found someone else to help out.

Another little rule is that you cannot be more than 60 years old to donate. But this seems to be a bit more flexible.

To lighten the mood I wasn joking with his wife and said that when he gets my blood he'll be fluent in English.  She started giggling and he tried to smile but one of the injuries is a cracked or broken jaw . :O


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