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A funny thing happened on the way to impeachment

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No one heard or saw POTUS do or say anything untoward.

Zip, Nada, Zilch.

No this for that
Aid was released
No announcement for a UA investigation

Dems look like idiots...............................again.

I have not followed this very closely, just enough to stay in the loop. But. If Trump made a quid pro quo with Ukraine it is NOTHING that every other President and politician around the world hasn't already done since we dropped out of the trees and screwed over our poor monkey ancestors by cutting down the forests and giving them s h itt y bananas in cages while poking them with needles for the sake of science. It is how politics and business works. I dare you to, and prove we have never been lied to by politicians or scientists...I f u c k ing dare you.

Trump has done nothing that falls under the guidelines of impeachment (try reading the law and make a real ain't happening), and by far way less damage than the Bush family, Kennedy, Roosevelt or Truman has ever done to the WORLD. Theew is no blood on Trump's hands, he didn't bend over his wheelchair and give Eastern Europe to the Russians, didn't send us to war to the wrong country for oil (we should have rolled tanks and bombs into Saudi Arabia), didn't send MY generation to Vietnam for nothing (and lose the war) or nuke Japan--twice. This whole lets impeach Trump thing is a joke. Dimocrats have convinced me to NEVER return to the USA for any reason what-so-ever.

My advice to Dimocrats....take the fu ck ing dildo out of your ass and move the f u c k on.

Oh and f u c k the American media too.

Sooooo...anyone else playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019???

David Rochlin:
It seems to me that President Trump's key defense is that VP Biden was the Obama Admin's point man on Ukraine and it was perfectly O.K. with Congressional Dems that President Obama authorized and the Administration pressured Ukraine to investigate Manafort, who was Chairman of Trump's campaign, the Opposition party.  Ukraine was provided a list of persons to investigate and prosecute, or not, by the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine who was recently fired.   
While Trump's involvement is in poor  taste and "Inappropriate,"  it is inspired by the Obama Administration's identical treatment of Trump and the Trump campaign, and possibly less impeachable, considering some of the uses of the FBI and CIA to entrap Republican campaign people and illegally obtained FISA warrants.
It is an opinion that President Trump's behavior was not appropriate, not a violation of law.  Constitutionally, the President can make foreign policy all about investigating Hunter Biden, if he wants, despite it being self serving on his part.

Disagree Dave.

Trump's key point of defense is that there is nothing to defend, no chargeable offense, nothing illegal.  Reading the call transcripts will quickly prove that as fact as opposed to the feelings of a bunch of butt hurt whiners who do nothing for We the People.

What was inappropriate?  The man was talking to a fellow head of State about a well documented problem, corruption.  Its completely appropriate to have that discussion and ask for some assurances before sending a few Billion Bucks, that it won't end up in someone's pockets.  Lets keep in mind that Trump released the aid (from a temp hold) having received nothing in return.  No this and no that.  Which means the dem's wheels have come off their little clown car yet again.

Is Trump perfect?  Hell no.
Presidential?  Puleez.

But then he didn't get elected because he was a saint.  He got elected because he's the right guy for the job at hand, which is to take the "elites" on.  As Lincoln said about US Grant when the Union Generals bitched about him being a drunk, "I can't spare the man, he fights."

This sums the past couple of weeks up quite well.


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