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Canon 300mm f4L lens For Sale


I'm dusting off the cobwebs in the For Sale section with a very nice, clean, and like new Canon 300mm f/4 L series lens. I've been using it for head shots and you'd be amazed at the quality it gives you there. Although it's not a macro lens, they call it "faux" macro because it has an awesome 5ft minimum focal distance. Most people use this lens for nature photography, and it does great there too. I guess I'm the only one crazy enough to see 300mm and think, "portraits!"

I brought the lens here when I moved here (Odessa) from the US. Therefore, I do not have the box. I've been here for five years and I've used it once. So for me, it's taking up space. It's a shame, it should be with someone who will use it. I had it in the US less than a year, because my previous one was stolen with all my other gear when my house was burglarized. I used it several times in that year. All told, it's been used fewer than ten times.

When not in use, it's stored safely in its Canon case, custom formed for the lens. It has the tripod ring attached, along with a B+W pro haze filter. The filter has a solid metal ring, no icky plastic. I may have a polarizer filter for it too. I'll see if I can dig it up and throw it in. It will either be B+W or another quality brand. I don't buy cheap filters.

There are no scratches, dings, or dents. It's in great shape. I paid $1300 for it and will let it go for $900. Pick up in Odessa would be easiest, but if you have PayPal I can mail it via Nova Pochta. The lens weighs 1.2 kg, so you can estimate shipping costs. No worries, it has an Image stabilizer - horizontal and vertical. The weight won't slow you down.

Photos take with this lens and a Canon 5D Mark III and the lens

The one of my dog Tsar is at the 5 foot minimum distance. It's the first photo I took with the lens - the first 300mm I had. The ultra creamy bokeh is the grass, we're outside. But to really show the power of this lens, look at the eye of Tsar. You can see me taking the photo, my house, yard, fence, and a big pine tree - all in his eye.


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