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FYI SS and Stimulus Package


Will retirees and Social Security beneficiaries receive stimulus checks?

Yes. The proposed bill includes language that allows Americans receiving Social Security-many of whom are retired and don't file taxes-to obtain direct financial assistance through the coronavirus stimulus package. In such cases, the government would access their data through the Social Security Administration to determine their rebate.    -----this means into your DirectExpress or other Direct Deposit system you use.----- Fraucha

That said, not all older people who are already reliant on government assistance are immediately eligible for a rebate. According to Steve Wamhoff of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) think tank, the current bill excludes recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a federal welfare program granted to elderly and disabled people who are often living in poverty and, in many cases, aren't required to file tax returns.

It appears that if you are on SS and single you may receive $1200. At least as far as I can read that is what I see, will maybe happen in 2 to 4 weeks per the NEWS. However, do not hold your breath, even if you are avoiding the Wu-Flu.

David Rochlin:
A lot of SSI people are the result of generations of families who trained their children to act out in school, and feign or helped them develop mental disorders specifically to get that lifetime "Paycheck." The Trump Administration is giving some thought to bumping the fakers out of the program.


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