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David Rochlin:
Medicine:  A popular response to Lukashenko's suggestions that riding a tractor on the farm can cure Coronavirus.  He has also variously suggested that vodka, Saunas and any sport on ice can cure coronavirus and that coronavirus is a mass psychosis.  There may be some limited validity to the sauna and mass psychosis opinions.
The only game on TV: Presently Belarus Premier League is the only active league in Europe and garnering substantial recognition, globally for this reason.  Ironically, many Belarussians are watching their own home teams for the first time.  Here are some photos from the stands:

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This is seriously the best thing I heard in a long time. Can barely stop laughing. Thank you for this gem!

Luka driving his tractor.

David Rochlin:
Lukashenko is so enthusiastic about the restorative qualities of farms, that he sent his wife to live on a farm, while he dates Miss Belarus. 



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