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New rules for money transfer earned in Ukraine since April 28


New rules for money transfer earned in Ukraine since April 28
April 28, 20200346

In Ukraine, anonymous transfers of more than 5,000 hryvnias can no longer be made. Photo: ?Country?

From Tuesday, April 28, in Ukraine, the law on preventing the legalization of proceeds from crime enters into force. Now Ukrainians will have to provide documents when conducting money transfers without opening an account for more than 5,000 hryvnias.

Also, the banking system will begin to tightly monitor all financial transactions with cash (deposit, transfer, receipt of funds) in excess of the specified amount. It will be impossible to replenish the card through the terminal for more than 5,000 hryvnias without identification. However, this does not apply to transferring money from card to card, as a bank card is an already identified product and the bank has information about the cardholders.

In fact, Ukrainians will be able to break a certain amount into several payments. However, upon receipt of funds, the presence of signs of communication with other operations that in total exceed 5,000 UAH will be checked. If they are found, they can block the card and money and ask for an explanation of what the funds are, if the bank does not satisfy these explanations, then there will be no access to the funds. Unlocking funds in this case will only be possible through a court of law.

The new law also increases the threshold amount of financial operations subject to financial monitoring ? from 150 000 to 400 000 UAH. At the same time, the number of signs by which a financial transaction is subject to mandatory financial monitoring is reduced from 17 to 4.

Regarding transfers within Ukraine. If the transfer amount is not more than 30 000 UAH, then it will be accompanied by at least the account number in relation to the payer and the recipient. And if more than 30 000 UAH ? detailed information.

Recall that from today on the ?New Mail? will require a client passport during all operations worth more than 5,000 hryvnia.



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