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Re: Freecyclers
« Reply #30 on: 11:08 19-Oct-2010 »
I had to laugh while reading this, i 'disposed' of my Altec Lansing Ipod docking station, (which decided to only work on one channel and intermittently from the aux input) by placing it next to the nearest waste station. I went to the shop across the road and by the time i came back out, it was gone!
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Re: Freecyclers
« Reply #31 on: 15:03 28-May-2011 »
I give away used and unnesessary stuff real cheap at

guess who sells this?

yes, me.
I dont want to throw it away.... someone may want it real cheap.

I never cared for the branded name re-free-cycling... we just do it naturally.

I put 250 kilo old bath tab next to trash. It's bloddy heavy one.... I used 4 people to get it downstrairs...

damn, it was gone withing next 30 minutes...
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