Author Topic: Covid 19 in Ukraine, A traveler Observes  (Read 517 times)

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Covid 19 in Ukraine, A traveler Observes
« on: 21:15 23-Dec-2020 »
Ukraine overall seems to be suffering only slightly more infections per 100,000 people than the U.S., but Kyiv the most visible city seems to have it worse than the worst infected large cities in America.  Worse means 718 cases per 100k population in Kyiv Vs.  about 500 per 100K in Los Angeles County.
 There always seemed to be at least one ambulance about if I went for a walk in the center.  This was not noticeable during other visits, before the pandemic.  I believe that officially, only about 20% of Kyiv ambulance calls are Covid related.  I would take that with a grain of salt, because of the comorbidities that confuse the stats, deliberately or on accident in many countries. 
To the small extent I was aware of particular cases, they seemed to be severe and people who should be in the hospital might be put on a drip at home, because of a shortage of beds or staff.
On the street some very large percentage of the population does not wear masks.  Most people only wear them at large venues like a shopping mall, where it is required and don't wear them in smaller PRODUCTI shops except for employees who put them on rapidly when suspicious masked foreigners are observed.  I saw thousands of small businessmen waving banners in a protest march by an org called saveFOP, marching on Kreshchatyk street, to Maidan, protesting their businesses being shuttered during quarantines.  Also, it was reported that they wanted the government to permanently end the tyranny  requiring them to keep any business records of sales.  I left before this, but reportedly they fought the cops who threw tear gas canisters at them, which were enthusiastically returned to senders.  SaveFop also tried to erect tents like we saw in 2014.  I saw two, but reportedly ten were erected, before the group was chased off.  No burning piles of tires.  SaveFOP is no Right Sector.

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Re: Covid 19 in Ukraine, A traveler Observes
« Reply #1 on: 06:38 24-Dec-2020 »
Here are my observations after 10 days in Uzhhorod as a comparison to the USA.

I have noted that on their part most YKPAIHIAHs are taking this pandemic seriously when they are out in public. However there were instances already which make me apprehensive. Public transport is an area of concern. There are passengers who do wear masks. There are not many but enough that if this was in LV or ACity the driver would mention something, but here on the minibuses everyone is blank stares. I'm looking for being later in Kyiv but it wont be until after this impending lock down in Jan 2021.

Also I was a concert of the choir Cantus in the former synagogue turned in a theater, social distancing was in effect but again mask wearing was poor and again I was extremely cautious. It felt I was at a MAGA Trump rally which were held during the US pre-election period.